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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Funky and Uncommon Recording Gear: Ashly SC-50 Compressor

Bear's Gone Fission wrote:

Ashly SC-50 compressor - The general view on this model is that the blue pannel versions are the best as they use a discrete component VCA instead of the later dbx VCA, but my black pannel has the discrete VCA. Remove the foam inside the cases, as if it hasn't started yet, it will start falling to bits and sticking all over the circuit boards. Socketed opamp construction is the norm, generally older types, so there might be some value in trying upgrades, but I think it rocks stock. Not the quietest thing, but it sounds excellently distressed on guitars.

Fletcher said:

It happens to be one of the finest compressors known to man for lead guitar/loud guitar solo shit.

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