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Friday, December 12, 2008

Reference CDs can help you at mix down

Mystery contributor Jetphase shares his reference CD list

Jetphase, a former major label artist, used to contribute to Mojo Pie. He did not want to use his own name for reasons of his own. In 2002, he provided a list of reference CDs that he used when mixing. Some mix engineers suggest checking your own mixes against those of other engineers. Thanks to Jetphase for the list and here's wishing that maybe he will reappear and contribute again to Mojo Pie.


I keep an evolving list of CDs that I check my mixes against.

Emmylou Harris -- "Wrecking Ball"
The Flaming Lips -- "Soft Bulletin"
Sparklehorse -- "It's a Wonderful Life"
Tom Petty -- "Wildflowers"
Jeff Buckley -- "Grace"
Norah Jones -- "Come Away With Me"
Joan Osborne -- "Relish"
Jellyfish -- "Spilt Milk"
Gillian Welch -- "Revival"
Radiohead -- "The Bends"
Tonic -- "The Lemon Parade"
Splender -- "Halfway Down The Sky"
Willie Nelson -- "Teatro"
Foo Fighters -- "Colour & the Shape"

And, I like just about any of the early Julie London stuff -- especially with Barney Kessel on guitar.

For sheer inspiration and not just sound (although I love the sound on these):

The Who -- "Who's Next"
Led Zeppelin -- "I," "II," and "Physical Graffiti"
The Rolling Stones -- "Exile on Main Street"
Steve Earle -- "El Corazon" and "Transcendental Blues"
Elliott Smith -- "Figure 8" and "Either Or"
The Band -- "Music From Big Pink" and "The Band"


1 comment:

Brad & Renee said...

I appreciate the idea of using a reference CD. I think it works for a lot of engineers. But when you do it, you're actually comparing your mixes to their _masters_. Is that really a safe measure? Is that why music seems to get louder and more compressed and other things - because engineers are trying to get their mixes to sound like masters?