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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shure Level-Loc

A piece of funky and uncommon recording gear

Jetphase said of the Shure Level-Loc:

"Shure Level-Loc: The Shure Level-Loc was made famous by Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake, who use their horrible, trashy sound to add character to drum tracks. These squash the signal completely, adding all kinds of nasty distortion to the sound. They're wonderful. Track a mono room mic through one of these, and mix it in with your regular drum mics for a very cool, character-filled sound."

Here is a PDF of the Shure Level-Loc product sheet.

There was kit that is no longer available called the Drewtronics Sherlock. eeldip constructed one of these kits. He said of the Sherlock:

"i got it working (pretty much) this weekend. first of all, it sounds freakin insane. i can see why people go apeshit over level-locs. so very wonderfully wrong sounding. goes from moderately fucked up cool compression to totally wrong fucked up broken sounding limiting (let me describe- a loud fast sound comes into it, it lops off the attack totally, then quickly brings up the back end of the sound and then gives you every bit of room reverb you have). i tried it on high hat, close miced, and it made the hat sound like it was being played backwards."

--Steven Langer

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Unknown said...

The Atomisonic Dynoray N4CR was just introduced. It's based on the Level-Loc, but with a number of enhancements. It's a Level-Loc on steroids.

And, it goes by the name of the "Dynamic Death Ray".

What's not to love?


Keep up the awesome work Mojo Pie!