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Monday, December 22, 2008

Stedman PS101

It stops the pops and it doesn't blow

When I first saw the Stedman PS101 popscreen, I thought, "This is a popfilter?"

I first noticed the Stedman PS101 when browsing at Guitar Center. I saw that they had a ton of these things on the wall. I was there to try out some mics. As an afterthought, I asked the salesman if I could use a Stedman PS101 as the popscreen for testing out mics. I watched the salesman rip open the package to set the popfilter up for me. I felt bad knowing I was going to leave an open package for some other schmuck to buy. It couldn't be better than any of the fabric popfilters I knew about so well. I was wrong. And, I'm glad to admit it. I bought that Stedman PS101 and let me tell you why.

It sounds better. It's noticeably clearer than standard nylon filters. The louvered metal screen delivers an uncolored sound. It's washable. Anyone with vocalists coming in should have one for this purpose alone. You can clean it in the sink with soap and water if needed, or wipe it off and you're done.

It's sturdy. Everything about the unit is solid and should stand up to a lifetime of use. And even if it doesn't It comes with a lifetime warranty. Will I ever need that? Probably not, but it's nice to know it's there.

Steve Langer, the publisher of Mojo Pie recommends the Stedman PS101 for three reasons. He says, "First, the Stedman PS101 popfilters do not attenuate high frequencies like the traditional nylon pop screens do. Second, if you put one in front of you and blow through it, you don't feel any wind. It's an amazing diffusor. Third, they're very durable."

It's made in the USA. Yes, that's right. Stedman shows an innovative and durable product can still be made in the USA.

The Bottom Line: I admit that the Stedman PS101 is one of those cool little finds that makes a difference. Don't make your vocalist kiss the last singer that was in. Put up a Stedman PS101. Very highly recommended.

--Warren Dent


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