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Monday, December 22, 2008

Rode NT5

Rode Microphones NT5 small diaphragm condenser NOT a rodent

I had a quick session with the Rode NT5 small diaphragm condensers as drum overheads. The NT5 mics feature an attractive silver finish. They are quite small in size. The black sticker at the base of the mic does look sort of old school Radio Shack.

These microphones sounded pretty damn good. They really pick up the entire sound of the kit, with enough low end to make a kick mic optional in some cases. Toms and snare sounded tight and punchy while cymbals sounded smooth and realistic.

I was able to create a very realistic stereo spread with typical X/Y placement about 20 inches above the cymbals. The cardioid pattern seemed tight, as the mics did not pick up as much room sound as I'd expect.

The Bottom Line: The Rode NT5 small condensers are a very realistic pair of overhead mics that should require little or no EQ in most cases for a good tight mix.

--Warren Dent

Rode Microphones

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